Races for Washington draw most attention, but control of MN Capitol looms large

Presidential and Congressional elections and the Constitutional amendments garner most of the attention in this political season. But control of the Minnesota Capitol may have a more immediate impact on your taxes, schools, and health insurance. The DFL hopes to pick up four Senate seats and six in the House to gain majorities.

University of Minnesota political expert Larry Jacobs tells the Pioneer Press the legislative races are the "most consequential, uncovered political event in the state this year."

The contest for control of the Minnesota Capitol has not quite gone uncovered, but there's no doubt it's been overshadowed by the presidential campaign, a few key Congressional races, and the ballot initiatives. DFLers hope to gain control of both chambers, which would mean picking up four seats in the Senate and six in the House.

MinnPost identified 28 key races and reports that economic issues ("jobs, jobs, jobs") seem to be taking precedence. Southeastern Minnesota looks to be a battleground and the Rochester Post-Bulletin is tracking five races in that region that could help determine party control.

Fundraising groups backing each political party also have scorecards and are bankrolling ads in hopes of influencing the final tally.

You can look up the race in your district on this list. Or use an interactive map compiled by the Star Tribune.

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Brutal battle raging for control of Minnesota Legislature

The war over political control of the Minnesota Legislature has gotten far less media attention than the higher-profile races for president, congressional seats and the two controversial ballot measures in the state. But Democrats are battling to retake control of the Statehouse, which they lost two years ago.

Bachmann-Graves race draws national attention

Rep. Michele Bachmann, the polarizing Minnesota Republican and Tea Party favorite, is often in more than her share of headlines. She is generating even more attention in the final sprint to Election Day – and so is her opponent, DFL businessman Jim Graves – as the national media shine a spotlight on Bachmann's tightest race yet.

With Democrats in control, what's in store for Minnesota?

After a major night for the DFL, Minnesota's Capitol will be under total Democratic control with a DFL governor for the first time in more than two decades. Gov. Dayton will enjoy a far more receptive audience to his demand for income-tax hikes on top earners. Dayton also supports gay marriage under state law.

Pioneer Press editorial on marriage amendment draws criticism

The Pioneer Press published an editorial Saturday on various views surrounding the proposed marriage amendment in Minnesota. In the article, the paper claims they "are not endorsing one way or another," but many are claiming the piece very clearly takes a side. One of them is Vikings punter Chris Kluwe, who says he will no longer contribute blogs to the paper.