Racist message found hidden in yearbook leads to student's suspension

The first letter of each word in the student's senior note spelled out a racist phrase.

A student in western Wisconsin has been suspended after it was found he left an encoded racist message in the school yearbook.

The Leader Telegram reports the student's quote, printed in the "Senior Notes" section of the Menomonie High School yearbook, read: "Ib has a tiny earning, but leaves a crisp kid satisfied."

When the first letter of each word is taken, it spells: "I hate blacks."

High school principal David Munoz responded by suspending the student "indefinitely" when it came to his attention, according the MHS Mustang on Twitter.

In letter to parents, he wrote: "Menomonie High School is a diverse and inclusive school that does not condone racist comments, bullying, or any other form of discrimination."

Students hold a rally

The comment sparked a rally for equality at the school on Monday, with parents and community members holding placards outside.

District administrator Joe Zydowsky told WQOW that the incident was reported as "an ill-advised prank," but the school was not treating it as such.

"Unfortunately, we have a culture in Menomonie where there are people, some people, who really feel entitled to be blatantly disrespectful and hostile, and that's something that I want to change," parent Julie Miller, who attended the rally, told the TV station. "And, the way you change it is by coming out and being supportive."

It's the second yearbook controversy to make headlines over the past week. The Brainerd High School yearbook attributed a quote to a student who said "I would like to behead" President Donald Trump. She has since said she meant it as a joke and didn't realize she was being asked a serious question for the yearbook, the Pioneer Press notes.

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