Railroad crane being hauled by truck hits 3 overpasses

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A railroad crane being hauled through Moorhead that "exceeded height limitations" hit three separate overpasses on the highway before falling to the ground.

The crane, according to the State Patrol incident report, was being carried by a semi, heading westbound on Interstate 94 through Moorhead at the time of the incident around 11:46 a.m. Sunday.

At 34th street, the vehicle struck the overpass – and then a good mile-plus down the road, hit two more overpasses (one for a railroad) at 20th Street, the State Patrol says. That's when the crane came off its trailer and fell to the pavement.

Forum reports the 20th Street's pedestrian area of the bridge was closed due to the damage; the 34th Street overpass was deemed safe for traffic.

Debris from the semi damaged a 2002 Buick that was on the highway at the time, but the driver of that vehicle was not injured.

The Star Tribune says the road was cleaned up by Sunday afternoon.

The driver of the truck, a 26-year-old from Cherokee, Iowa, was uninjured, and no alcohol was detected, the State Patrol report says.

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