Ramsey Co. deputy charged with drunk driving


A Ramsey County sheriff's deputy is charged with drunk driving after authorities say he tested at more than three times the legal limit, FOX 9 reports.

According to the station, Deputy Glen Pothen is facing third- and fourth-degree DWI charges.

The Pioneer Press reports a man with three children in his vehicle claimed he was cut off and nearly collided with a blue truck on Main Street in Cambridge the afternoon of March 8. An officer arrived and questioned the driver of the truck, which turned out to be Pothen, the paper says.

According to the paper, officers in the complaint described Pothen as having slurred speech, bloodshot eyes and poor balance.
Pothen then submitted to a breath test, the paper reports, and blew a 0.28 – well over the legal driving limit of 0.08; according to the complaint, he told the officer he did not see the vehicle when he made the turn and cut it off.


FOX 9 reports Pothen has been re-assigned to non-patrol duties, which is standard procedure. A spokesperson with tells the station internal affairs will let the legal process play out before making a decision on his employment.

"They are kind of shadowing the investigation and don't want to interfere with the criminal proceedings to avoid doing anything that would be unfair to the individual or the prosecution," Ramsey County sheriff's spokesman Randy Gustafson tells the Pioneer Press.

Pothen, by the way, has been in the news before. Back in 2005 he was helping a motorist on the side of the highway, when an out-of-control car slammed into him. It was all caught on video, which you can see courtesy of CBS News.

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