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Ramsey Co. Sheriff investigates more dangerous meth supply


Dozens of patients in the east metro have been hospitalized recently due to unusual methamphetamine reactions.

The Pioneer Press reports while meth is dangerous in the first place, a supply floating around the east metro appears to have immediate life-threatening side effects.

Symptoms experience by patients, many in their 20s, treated at Regions Hospital in St. Paul include hallucinations, extreme agitation, excited delirium, elevated temperatures and accelerated heartbeat.

One person jumped off a second-story roof, thinking he or she could fly, the sheriff's office said.

The possible tainted drug supply has amounted to a tenfold increase in the average daily number of overdose cases treated at Regions, averaging about one case per day.

A cure for meth addiction could be right around the corner. Medical Daily reports the Food and Drug Administration recently approved a second phase of testing for the drug Ibudilast, which has shown improvement in decreasing opioid dependence and tolerability in meth addicts.

Nearly 13 million Americans ages 12 and older have abused meth once in their lifetime, out of which 353,000 are currently dependent, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

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