Rare calf triplets born on Wisconsin farm

The birth of three calfs is unusual, but it's especially rare that all three would live, Daniel Sisbach of Chaseburg, Wis., tells the La Crosse Tribune. He's never seen triplets in 40 years of farming. The active, inquisitive young cows are thriving, he says.
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Farmer Daniel Sisbach of Chaseburg, Wis., has seen a lot in 40 years of farming, but never triplet calves. But on Sept. 11, one of his cows gave birth to three healthy babies, and they are thriving, the La Crosse Tribune reports.

Bovine triplets are indeed rare – they occur in about 1 in 100,000 births, one expert told the Omaha World Herald after a set of three calves was born in Nebraska earlier this year.

Another set of triplets was born near Osakis, Minn., earlier this summer, the Salk Centre Daily Star reported.

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