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Rash of robberies causes Minneapolis police to issue a crime alert


Twenty two robberies in the last 11 days have caused the Minneapolis Police Department to issue a crime alert.

KMSP-TV says that many of the robberies have involved the threat of a weapon, and that the majority of incidents have occurred after dark, but some have even happened during the day.

While the robberies have been scattered around the city, WCCO TV reports that the majority have occurred on the city's north side, between Highway 55 and Dowling Avenue North.

According to the Star Tribune, that area of the city has already been seeing a spike in robbery cases, with 383 reported through September 9th, equal to a 24 percent jump over last year, and up 48 percent from just two years ago.

The Star Tribune reports that Minneapolis police are offering tips to stay safe, they include:

Stay alert when outdoors. Be aware of who may be approaching you. Keep iPod or earphone volumes to a minimum in order to hear people approaching.

Trust your feelings and act on them. If you feel uncomfortable about a person or group of people approaching you, keep your distance or leave the area.

Be wary of individuals who approach asking for directions, the time, or a match. This is a common ploy used by assailants to distract their victims while they get close enough to attack.

Keep your distance from potential attackers by walking or running away, or move so that there's an obstacle between you and the potential attacker, such as a car or bus shelter.

Use strong body language by walking with confidence. Keep your head up and don't look distracted. Attackers look for people who don't appear to be paying attention to their surroundings.

If out at night, use a buddy system, travel in well-used areas, and walk or jog in well-lit areas.

If you think someone is following you, switch directions and walk to a lighted home, business or towards other people.

Draw attention to yourself or a potential attacker by using loud verbal commands, a screech alarm or both.

Call 911 immediately to report cries for help.

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