Rave reviews but also problems, so should you get the latest Apple update?


Apple's new operating system for its iPhones and iPads went live on Tuesday, and inevitably there was a mixed response.

Reviews of iOS 10 – which has been made available for free to all iPhone and iPad owners – have been generally glowing, with the Wall Street Journal going so far as to say it's so good that you don't even need to buy the new iPhone 7, thanks to improvements to its messaging, maps and music apps.

The Mail Online reports users have been delighted at upgrades that allow them to delete default Apple apps (such as "stocks" or "watch") from their home screen.


It's also opened up Siri to third-party developers, and changes to Apple messaging allows you to place stickers, handwritten notes and secret messages on top of regular messages.

The Maps upgrade allows you to search for local landmarks – such as nearby gas stations – more efficiently, as well as helping you find where you parked.

So while all signs point to upgrading, there have been problems reported for some of those who have already.



On Tuesday there were many reports iPhones and iPads "bricked" as they tried to update to iOS 10, which left devices stuck on a loop with an Apple or iTunes logo in the center of the screen.

Apple has since issued a fix to the upgrade that should prevent this, but for anyone who this has already happened to, Apple has this step-by-step guide on how to restore your system using a computer.

Battery drain

This very funny – but also very rude – blog on Deadspin urges users not to update to iOS 10 partly because it has drained their battery on several occasions within hours of updating (she's also not a fan of the sticker and drawing upgrades to the messaging app).


However, tech website BGR reports that the battery drain will just be a temporary thing and when iOS 10 is properly up and running, it should actually be better on your battery than iOS 9.

Here's why it'll hurt in the short-term:

"When you first install a major iOS update, two things happen that have a negative impact on battery life. First, you use your iPhone or iPad much more than you do normally because you want to check out all the new feature. Above average usage obviously leads to above average battery drain.

Beyond that, your device will need to re-index a huge amount of data when you first install iOS 10, such as contacts, photos and more. Pretty much anything that is searchable with Spotlight will need to be re-indexed. It all takes place in the background so many people are unaware that it’s even happening, but it does have an impact on battery life and it can take quite a bit of time for the process to complete."

TechRadar also has more tips on how you can prolong your battery life here.

Home button changes

One of the big changes with iOS 10 is that you now need to press down on the "home" button to unlock your phone.

Previously you could just hold your finger on the Touch ID fingerprint sensor and it would almost instantly unlock. This was causing problems with people accidentally unlocking their phones, which the new system has sought to address.

If you prefer the old version however, TechRadar says you can revert to it by going to Settings > General > Accessibility > Home Button (midway down the page) and turn on "rest finger to open."

And if you've noticed message notifications have disappeared, this can be rectified by going to Settings > Notifications > Messages, ensuring all toggles next to each option are switched on, and select the alert style "Banner," the website says.

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