Back home: Eagle injured after crashing into boat on I-94 released


The bald eagle that got hurt when it crashed into a hitched boat on Interstate 94 last month was set free Wednesday, according to reports.

Scott and Marilyn Kregness of Tower, Minnesota were towing a fire boat from Florida, tightly cocooned in white shrink wrap, along I-94 near Menomonie, Wisconsin, when the bald eagle swooped in low over the front of their truck. The couple didn't notice any sign of the bird, so they continued on their way, the Chippewa Herald reported.

Later, they found an angry bird in their boat.

An officer with the Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release, Inc., in Colfax, Wisconsin, came to get the wayward raptor. It was eventually taken to the Raptor Center at the University of Minnesota for rehab after suffering some internal injuries.

Now the healthy bird is back in the wild. It was released just under two miles from where it hit the boat, the Associated Press reports.

"When he flew off he knew this area," Patti Stangle, of Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release, told the AP. "He's back home and he knows it."

Scott Kregness was also there to watch the bird fly away.

A number of eagles have flown into the headlines this spring – one for adopting a duck egg. A DNR EagleCam is keeping watch as several eaglets prepare to fly.

And in March, Twitter flew to the rescue of two eagles that tangled talons and crashed to the ground in Shakopee.

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