Really cool: Frozen Canadian lake is so clear you can see the bottom

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It's about a 200-mile trek from the northern reaches of Minnesota, but a Canadian lake is the place to be if you want some spectacular ice skating.

Clear Lake in the Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba, hit the headlines this week after pictures and videos circulated of skaters on the pristine ice.

So pristine, that in some parts you can see all the way to the bottom.

The Winnipeg Free Press writes the lake is currently experiencing an ideal combination of windless nights, no snow and sub-zero temperatures that has resulted in an idyllic, glass-like surface that's "rarely seen."

"If you’re in a shallow area, you can see the sand, the rocks, even sometimes fish," the park's visitor experience manager Richard Dupuis told CBC News – with the 7-inch ice thickness making it perfect for skaters.

Here are some other pictures and videos taken from the lake.

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