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Really? Someone actually tried to deduct 'Sturgis, baby' on their taxes

And Fido isn't a dependent, either.

That trek to South Dakota on your Harley isn't going to get you a tax deduction. Sorry.

Maybe that seems obvious, but someone actually tried to write that off on their taxes, according to the Minnesota Society of Certified Public Accountants. In their defense, the person wore a company shirt and tried to call it an advertising expense.

There's plenty more where that came from. The Society of CPAs did a study on the ridiculous things people have tried to use as deductions – and it's pretty funny.

Business deduction fails

Someone tried to write off their pop-up camper, calling it a business "construction trailer."

Similarly, a real estate agent wanted to deduct a riding lawn mower for the sole purpose of trimming the grass around "For Sale" signs.

Another thing that's not a business expense: attending a graduation party or wedding with someone you work with. Sorry.

Iffy charitable donations

There was also a person who gave a chainsaw to a hospital and tried to say that was a charitable donation. Not quite.

And a generous grandparent paid for their grandchild's private school tuition, then tried to write it off as a donation – it didn't work.

Don't try to write these off, either

When an individual moved from California to Minnesota, they tried to write off the cost of a winter coat and snow blower, calling them "moving expenses." There might actually be an argument there.

People have also tried deducting their hunting properties and cosmetic enhancements – like augmentations, manicures, etc.

Lastly, don't claim your pets. No matter how much you consider Mr. Meow and Fido family, they aren't legally dependents. They're not security expenses either, no matter how ferocious your fur baby is.

Doing your taxes right

There are a lot of things you can deduct from you taxes. They just need to be legitimate, and you'll need to back up your claims.

GoBankingRates has a whole list of things you can deduct – like job search expenses, medical costs, and home renovations (under certain circumstances).

TurboTax has its own recommendations here and here.

For more information on everything taxes, click here.

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