Reckless driving of police squad cars? That was the department's (now former) body shop


When the Roseville police got calls from citizens concerned about the squad cars that were zooming down County Road C last week, the department looked into it right away.

And found there were no officers responding to any calls at that time and place.

No, those cars weren't even driven by police officers. The vehicles were headed from the public works garage to the auto body shop that works on the police cars. Or did work on the cars, that is, until this happened.

As the department announced in a statement, a police administrator met with the owner of the body repair business and "after discussing the driving behavior of his employees the department opted to end business dealings with this repair shop."

WCCO says a shop employee was dismissed over the incident and the owner of Suburban Auto Body reportedly told the station he wished the company had gotten a second chance from the police department.

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Roseville police lieutenant Lorne Rosand told Lillie News: "It's not uncommon for civilians to drive our cars. We just hope they do so in a manner that represents the city in a very positive way. These two individuals did not."

The police department says in the future it will make every effort to ensure cars are driven by police officers or city employees when they are taken to vendors for repairs.

Well, as they say in Lake Wobegone, it could've been worse.

At least the squad cars weren't totaled during a 4 a.m. joyride ... which is what happened to a BMW whose owner took it to a repair shop in Melbourne, Florida, last winter, according to TV station WESH. The station reported the shop owner argued it was not a crime for his employee to take the vehicle for a drive.

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