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Recognize this car? Minneapolis police looking for hit-and-run driver

Video shows the vehicle colliding with a motorcycle rider.

Police in Minneapolis hope that the public can help identify a hit-and-run driver who was caught on camera.

The crash occurred around 9:07 p.m. on August 7, at the intersections of Lake Street SE and 19th Avenue S, the Minneapolis Police Department said in a Facebook post. Video from a nearby surveillance camera captured the incident. 

The footage shows a white car making a left turn in front of traffic. (As City Pages notes, on a busy night, Lake Street can be a long wait for drivers looking to make a left turn.)

The driver either seriously misjudged how much time he or she had to turn or wasn't paying attention, because the video shows a motorcycle (with the right of way) crashing into the side of the car. 

Sparks fly and the rider is thrown from bike, landing in the road in front of the car.

But the vehicle doesn't stop – the driver actually maneuvered around the person and left the scene as several witnesses approached the area.

Here's the video:

Minneapolis police say the motorcyclist suffered "serious injuries" as a result of the crash.

The department is hopeful that someone will have information, because the surveillance footage shows "numerous witnesses and individuals filming after the incident," the Facebook post says.

Anyone who witnessed the crash, has video of the incident, or anyone who has information about the driver of the white car is asked to contact Officer Bryon Cross at 612-673-3442.

Hit-and-runs in Minnesota

There are thousands of hit-and-run crashes in Minnesota every year, resulting in hundreds of injuries and multiple fatalities.

In 2015, there were 7,425 crashes identified as hit-and-runs, according to Minnesotans for Safe Driving, of which 12 resulted in fatalities and 1,722 injuries.

Of those who died, 10 out of the 12 were pedestrians, with 165 more pedestrians injured in hit-and-run crashes.

There were 113 injuries caused in hit-and-runs with bicycles, 1,126 injuries and two fatalities in collisions with moving vehicles, and 101 injuries caused in collisions with parked vehicles.

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