Red River crests in Fargo-Moorhead, most flooding averted


Officials believe the annual hand-wringing over flood fears in Fargo-Moorhead has come to an anti-climactic end. The Red River was at 33.25 feet as of 6:15 a.m. Wednesday, and officials don't think it will get higher, Forum Communications reports.

The National Weather Service predicts the river will remain above major flood stage, which is 30 feet, until Sunday, Forum reports. That's well below the 40 feet city officials and an army of volunteers prepared for, at a cost of about $2 million. The metro area is wrapping up its fourth major Red River flood fight in five years, the Associated Press notes.

Most regions were spared, but certainly not all, as river waters in some areas flooded roads and swamped riverside trees. Forum has aerial video that shows a few areas where the river slipped outside it banks.

"Cleanup week" will start earlier this year – on Monday in Fargo, Moorhead, Dilworth and West Fargo, to run through May 10.

MPR has some striking photo essays, including dramatic before-and-after photos of the rise of the Red River, which was at about 15 feet just a few weeks ago. Here are more eye-opening images of the sandbagging and dike-building efforts. And volunteers reflect on the flood-prep efforts.

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