Reddit accidentally made a small Wisconsin yak farm famous

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For the owners of small yak farm in eastern Wisconsin, it was the Facebook attention that tipped them off.

"We kind of thought something was up because we were suddenly getting a lot of likes on our Facebook page," Wendy Jorgensen, who runs Yak's N Thing's with her husband Kyle, told BringMeTheNews.

Usually when they see a spike in Facebook activity, it's been farmers or other people in the yak sphere. But these were coming from places like Los Angeles or "people who would have no normal interest in this," she said.

"Something's up. Something's weird," Jorgensen knew.

And that "something weird" was Reddit.

My friend ordered a live yak while on sleeping pills

Check out this Reddit post from last week: "A friend of a friend accidentally ordered a live yak while on sleeping pills."

It included this image of what looks like a receipt for a "Golden Tibetan Yak Cow" that cost more than $3,000 after shipping, with the order placed at nearly 2 a.m.

And it's from Yak's N Thing's LLC – the Jorgensens' 54-acre Clintonville farm.

The post got thousands of upvotes and more than 1,000 comments, and the screenshot of the receipt has more than 1.5 million views on Imgur. A follow-up comment from the original poster said the friend was able to cancel the order.

Stories based on the Reddit post are all over the Internet.

The only problem: Jorgensen says it's not true.

'It's not as easy as just clicking a box'

"We don't take orders like that," Jorgensen told BringMeTheNews, adding with a chuckle. "It's not as easy as just clicking a box and saying ship me a couple of those."

The Jorgensens have had the farm since 2008, and it's slowly grown to include selling mainly yak meat and other food products, all while the couple in their 50s hold down other full-time jobs.

They do sell live yaks too, though only occasionally – and it always happens after lots of discussion with a potential buyer, who generally reach out via phone or email to talk about options and see if there's a yak that fits what they need.

Jorgensen said the last live yaks they sold were a couple of calves last summer,

As for that receipt screenshot? They don't do that electronically.

"We hand-write them a receipt once they get here and pick them up," Jorgensen said.

So how'd someone get the name of a yak farm in Wisconsin?

"Our name is out there, we are on a lot of different sites," she said. "They could have picked it up anywhere and just thought it sounded interesting or different."

(Editor's note: We've reached out to the original poster on Reddit, and we'll update this story if we hear back.)

Buzz around Yak's N Thing's

However Yak's N Thing's ended up being pulled in, it's resulted in more attention for the little farm.

"It's like every day I come home and there's another message or two or three, from farther and farther away," Jorgensen said. A reporter from Germany actually called, and they spoke for a few minutes recently.

There's also been some interest from local Wisconsin news outlets.

And then there's people on Facebook, who went to the Yak's N Thing's page asking about the Reddit story – and each time, the farm politely replied that it wasn't true.

"Yes we have heard this story. kind of far fetched, but we do exist," one reply to a woman from Boston says. "We never received any orders for a Yak at 2 am. Not sure where he got the invoice from, not us. .... It all makes a good story though!"

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