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Remember Pokémon GO? It's still a thing, and has new Pokémon now

Pokémon GO is getting some new Pokémon from the Gold and Silver iterations.

Even if most of you haven't touched the game in months, Pokémon GO is still chugging along with a dedicated player base – and the developers are even rolling out significant new updates.

New Pokémon are now available in the game, Niantic Labs announced Monday (as a message from Professor Willow). Togepi, Pichu and "select others" from the Johto Region – that's the world from Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver – can now be hatched from eggs.

What those "select others" are hasn't been announced. But the developers said it's "the first of more Pokémon coming to Pokémon GO over the next few months."

There's also a Santa hat-wearing Pikachu that'll be in the game world from now through Dec. 29.

Based on social media and Redditthreads, there are more little updates to be discovered. Such as this:

What's going on with Pokémon GO?

Remember when Pokémon GO took over the world for a bit?

Well that kind of rabid phone-staring isn't happening quite as much anymore. There were signs of a slowdown even in the weeks after it launched, SurveyMonkey said, and other reports found the number of active players had dropped pretty far.

But compare it to competitors, and it looks like Pokémon GO is still in a good place

As SurveyMonkey noted in October, its player retention was right around that of Candy Crush, Words with Friends and Clash of Clans – all among the most popular mobile games out there.

And Android Authority had reported the game was crushing in terms of revenue, generating six times as much as Candy Crush.

The game has made a deal with Sprint stores and Starbucks to turn locations into gyms or PokéStops.

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