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Renewing your license or car tabs? Watch out for the computer shutdown

Computer upgrades mean there will be a dead zone on the calendar.

A computer upgrade at Minnesota's Department of Vehicle Services (DVS) means you may need to do a little more planning if you want to get a driver's license or new tabs for your car this month.

Services like those will be unavailable online for a week starting July 17, the department says.

If you want to go to an actual DVS office you may find what you need, but their services and hours will be limited, too, until things get back to normal on the 24th.

The best way to work around the computer shutdown, state officials suggest, is to apply for your license, ID card, tabs, plates, or title next week before things start getting weird on the 17th.

What you can and can't get – and when

As far as ordering something online, it's pretty simple: you won't be able to get anything from July 17 through 24.

Depending on what you need, you might have some luck at a DVS office (you can search here for the the one nearest you).

Even at the offices, some things – tab renewal, plate replacement, title applications – will be shut down from July 20 through 24. You will be able to renew your driver's license or state ID most of those days. But there will be scattered closures at the offices, so you should call ahead. And nothing will be available on the 22nd.

To take care of what you need online before this the computer work begins use this link.

Also, if you wait until after the work is finished to visit a DVS office, you should be ready for it to take longer than usual because staff will be getting used to their new computer system, the department says.

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