Renewing your car's registration? Better bring your insurance info

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When you go to renew your license tabs in the new year, you'll need to bring along proof that your vehicle is insured.

A state law goes into effect Jan. 1 which includes the new requirement.

The new rules apply to Minnesotans who are registering, renewing license tabs or transferring ownership of a motor vehicle or motorcycle, the Department of Public Safety notes.

Why the change?

Minnesota drivers are required to have insurance on their vehicles. But up until now all they had to do during the registration process was sign a statement saying the vehicle was covered; they didn't have to actually provide any proof.

According to a task force that looked at the issue last year, nearly 11 percent of Minnesota drivers don't have auto insurance, according to DPS, and that drives up the cost of premiums for insured drivers.

The task force's goal was to reduce the number of people driving without insurance, according to MPR News. The hope is that the new requirement will encourage those drivers to buy coverage.

Required information

Under the new law, the vehicle's owner must provide the following:

  • Name of insurance company
  • Policy number
  • Expiration date of the policy

The DPS is including information about the new requirement in the renewal notices it's sending to vehicle owners in 2016; some of them are already in the mail.

You can provide the information when registering in person, by mail or online, according to DPS.

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