Gauthier changes mind, drops re-election bid

State Rep. Kerry Gauthier, DFL-Duluth, announced Wednesday morning that he was moving ahead with his re-election campaign. By evening he had changed his mind, forced out of the race by the furor surrounding his acknowledgement last week that he met a 17-year-old for sex at a highway rest stop.

State Rep. Kerry Gauthier, DFL-Duluth, reversed course in less than a day and now says he is not seeking re-election to his legislative seat. Gauthier says staying in the race would be too hard on him emotionally.

In an exclusive interview with Barbara Reyelts at Northland's Newscenter Wednesday morning Gauthier said he would let voters decide his future amid a sex scandal.

Gauthier also said that after what he called a “media storm," he took several muscle relaxants and was found unconscious and taken to the hospital. He says that too was unacceptable.

Following the interview, the state representative issued a lengthy statement apologizing to his family, friends and constituents and addresses his battle with chemical dependency over the last 30 years.

Leaders from both parties have said he ought to step aside after he had a highly publicized sexual encounter with a 17-year-old at a highway rest stop.

DFL Gov. Mark Dayton on Wednesday said it was a mistake for Gauthier to stay in the race. A fellow DFL representative called Gauther a "child molester," the Duluth News Tribune reports.

Even DFL House leader Paul Thissen said Gauthier should not be on the ballot.

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DFL leaders urge Gauthier to abandon re-election bid

Leaders of his own party are calling on Duluth Rep. Kerry Gauthier to give up his re-election bid. DFL Party Chair Ken Martin and House Minority Leader Paul Thissen expressed disappointment with Gauthier, who acknowledged a sexual encounter with a 17-year-old boy at a highway rest stop last week. Meanwhile, a second Duluth DFLer announced a write-in campaign for Gauthier's House seat.

Cravaack has nearly $900K on hand for re-election bid

Freshman Minnesota Republican Chip Cravaack released his campaign finance report Friday, which revealed that he has $898,681 in cash on hand for his re-election bid for the traditionally DFL-leaning congressional district in northern Minnesota. The figure is more than triple the amount Former Sen. Tarryl Clark has, who is expected to be the top fundraiser among three DFLers competing in an Aug. 14 primary.

Kline has $1.3M in bank for re-election bid in redrawn 2nd District

U.S. Rep. John Kline has $1.3 million in the bank as he seeks re-election in a newly redrawn 2nd Congressional District, his campaign spokesman Troy Young said Friday. The Republican Congressman, who has represented the 2nd District since 2003, is facing a wider Democratic voting base since the district was redrawn.

MN Supreme Court: Gauthier removed from ballot

Disgraced Duluth lawmaker Rep. Kerry Gauthier won't appear on the ballot, the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled Tuesday. The high court granted the Democratic Party's request to have Gauthier's name scrubbed and replaced by endorsed candidate Erik Simonson.

Duluth lawmaker at center of sex scandal released from hospital

DFL State Rep. Kerry Gauthier was hospitalized with breathing difficulty last week, soon after acknowledging to police he'd had a sexual encounter with a 17-year-old boy at a highway rest stop near Duluth. Gauthier and the teen say the sex was consensual and the boy lied about his age. The St. Louis County attorney decided against prosecuting Gauthier, but a fellow DFLer has started a write-in campaign for his legislative seat.