Report: 2 crew members not on train when it derailed in Two Harbors


In a development in the investigation into a train derailment near Two Harbors last week, authorities say two of four crew members who had been aboard the train were no longer aboard at the time of the crash.

The Duluth News Tribune reports that the two crew members who were injured in the incident were in the lead locomotive long enough to pull the emergency brake, but then they left the train. How, why and exactly when they departed the 107-car Canadian National train has not been answered, the newspaper reports.

“We can’t give you a sequence (of events),” railway spokesman Patrick Waldron told the News Tribune. “That is part of our investigation.”

Waldron couldn't specify whether the crew members jumped or fell from the moving locomotive, Northland's Newscenter reported.

The other two crew members, who had been in one of four locomotives at the front of the train, remained with the train and were not hurt. No one else was injured.

The 1 p.m. Thursday crash happened on on a bend in the tracks in Two Harbors. In all, 76 of the 107 train cars loaded with iron ore pellets and piled up in a rail yard, the Associated Press reported. Another 17 cars loaded with pellets that had been parked on an adjacent track were hit and derailed, the AP reported.

FOX 21 had video from the scene.

The crash was several hundred yards away from LeRoy Veness' auto repair and bait shop, WDIO reported.

"I was inside and all of a sudden I heard the building shaking and a lot of loud booming and banging going on," Veness told the station.

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