Report: Bears coach John Fox had no idea about infatuation with Trubisky

Well, that's embarrassing.

It's becoming clearer by the second that the Chicago Bears have stolen the clown car from the Cleveland Browns.

The Browns, the NFL's laughing stock for about a decade, had what experts are calling an outstanding first round of the NFL Draft while the Bears coughed up valuable draft picks to move up one spot for a quarterback who's started only 13 games since high school.

Mitch Trubisky better be a football god or the trade for him will go down as one of the dumbest in sports history.

Chicago, sitting in perfect position at No. 3, probably could've had Trubisky without moving. Instead, general manager Ryan Pace gave the 49ers the 3rd, 67th and 111th picks in this year's drafts and next year's third-round pick to move up one spot to get him.

The ensuing hysteria from Bears nation was best summed up by the Chicago Tribune's Steve Rosenbloom.

"Let me get this straight:

The Bears traded four draft picks that their weakness-riddled roster couldn’t afford for a quarterback who started only one year and won’t play next season because they’re paying $18.5 million to a quarterback who couldn’t get nearly that much from any self-respecting team.

Do I have that right?

All along, it looked the Bears were rebuilding. Turns out, it looks like they’re hallucinating."

And now, Friday's bombshell report from ESPN's Chris Mortensen that Bears head coach John Fox had no idea about Pace's infatuation with Trubisky until just hours before the draft.

In a league where teams spend countless months preparing for the draft, the Bears put together a Mike Ditka for Ricky Williams-like desperation trade for a guy who will be the backup quarterback to Mike Glennon next season.

Good luck with that.

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