Report: Dozens of hate incidents in MN following the election

The Southern Poverty Law Center says there were 867 hate-related incidents in the U.S. following the election.

In the 10 days that followed the 2016 presidential election, there were 34 hate incidents in Minnesota.

That's according to the anti-hate group Southern Poverty Law Center.

Earlier this week, the group released an article called Ten Days After: Harassment and Intimidation in the Aftermath of the Election.

It says a total of 867 hate-related incidents happened throughout the country in that time frame.

According to the map, Minnesota had the second most hate incidents in the Midwest. Michigan had the most in the region. Neither of the Dakotas reported any.

As for states with the highest numbers – California had 99, New York had 69 and Texas had 57.

Mostly in schools

The data also generally shows where the incidents took place. It reports 323 happened at schools – K-12 and university.

Several incidents of harassment have been reported in Minnesota.

Like racist and anti-immigrant graffiti that references Trump scrawled in the bathroom at Maple Grove Senior High School; a racist slur written on the sidewalk at the University of St. Thomas; and a racist message left on a dorm whiteboard at Minnesota State University Moorhead, according to Forum News Service.

Data also breaks down the victims of these hate crimes. Most incidents were anti-immigrant, followed by anti-black. Those two combined made up more than half of the incidents.

The data notes some incidents were against Trump supporters.
Some Minneapolis homeowners reported vandals had spray painted “F— Trump” on their garages. CNN adds that around the country, some Trump supporters have been beaten up for their political views.

Comparing data

Unfortunately, it's not easy to compare the number of hate crimes immediately following the election to the number of hate crimes on any given day.

The FBI recently released a 2015 hate crime report. It said there were a total of 7,121 victims last year. That'd average out to be around 195 hate crimes in a 10 day period. That's significantly less than the 867 reported in the 10 days following the election.

However, it's worth noting that the FBI and Southern Poverty Law do not use the same data, and not all crimes are reported to the FBI.

The Star Tribune has an article discussing hate crime discrepancies here.

Trump has told people to stop

Even through many of these incidents occur alongside some praise for Donald Trump, the president-elect has publicly spoken out against those actions.

In November, Trump appeared on CBS' 60 Minutes. During the segment, he looked directly at the camera and told those of his supporters who've been harassing minorities to "stop it."

Afterward, the president-elect was criticized by people saying he should do more about the hateful things some of his supporters are doing.

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