Report: JJ Redick leads a list of free agents who could land in MN

Money talks.

Money talks and if the Timberwolves are willing to spend the dough, a long list of free agents are interested in teaming up with Karl-Anthony Towns and the Wolves.

According to Darren Wolfson of 1500-ESPN, the following free agents would be interested in signing with Minnesota, "if the money is right": J.J. Reddick, JaMychal Green, PJ Tucker, Patrick Peterson and Taj Gibson.

"I'm told all those free agents in some cases make a lot of sense for the Wolves," Wolfson said on his latest podcast. "In other cases just a little bit of sense. I'm told all of those guys, if the money is right, they would come to Minnesota."

Wolfson stressed the importance of the cap space to acquire such players. But the fact that those big name players are interested in playing here is a great sign.

The Wolves should have about $25-30 million in cap space this summer. Plus the NBA salary cap is expected to rise again in the offseason.

Obviously the Wolves won't land all of them, but the three that seem to make the most sense are Reddick, Green and Gibson.

Redick has averaged  more than 15 points per game over the last four years. He's a three-point specialist, having made over 40 percent of his attempts from downtown in his career.

Green is a power forward who is a force to be reckoned with on the defensive side of the ball – an area where the Timberwolves need drastic improvement.

Gibson has expressed interest in reuniting with his former head coach Tom Thibodeau. He'll be 32 in June but, like Green, his defensive value combined with his veteran leadership could do wonders for the Wolves.

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