Report: Keys found in trunk with Wisconsin toddler


KSTP-TV is reporting that Isaiah Theis, the Wisconsin 2-year-old found dead in the trunk of a car late Wednesday night, had several sets of keys with him, including the key to the car in which his body was discovered.

KSTP-TV attributes this information to Rick Van Gundy, the Theis' pastor and friend.

Van Gundy was among the estimated 2400 people who took part in the massive search for Isaiah, the station reports. He says he used a flashlight to look inside and under the car, but says it didn't occur to anyone at the time to look in the trunk because the car was locked. Isaiah's father had been working on the car at his home-based auto repair business.

The Pioneer Press reports that the Polk County sheriff's office said it had been told the car had been locked before Isaiah disappeared on Tuesday night, so it could not have been accessed. The car's owner arrived with a key to remove the vehicle about 10 p.m. on Wednesday. At that point, a sheriff's deputy opened the trunk and found the boy's body.

The PiPress says a sheriff's office spokesman on Thursday said authorities did not have access to the keys for several cars that were being repaired by Theis' father, including the one in which Isaiah was found, but he declined to elaborate.

The Star Tribune reports that preliminary autopsy results by the Midwest Medical Examiner's Office in Anoka County say that hyperthermia, or excessive heat, was the cause of Isaiah's death.

The examiner’s office said that a determination into Isaiah’s ­manner of death is “pending investigation.”

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