Report: Minneapolis police to start wearing body cameras this summer


Minneapolis police officers are expected to start testing wearable video cameras that will record all their actions.

The chairman of the Minneapolis City Council Public Safety Committee told KSTP police could start testing new body cameras as early as June – and once they iron out details, they will be on hundreds of police officers in Minneapolis. KSTP also says officers in North Minneapolis have expressed interest in testing the cameras.

Last December, in an effort to reduce complaints of misconduct and police brutality, the Minneapolis City Council approved $400,000 to outfit two thirds of the city's police force with body cameras. Proponents say the cameras, which can be attached to uniforms, hats or glasses to capture the perspective of an officer, could save the city money in unnecessary litigation fees from false allegations of police wrongdoing.

Last year, reports said the Minneapolis Police Department plans to have 500 officers wear the body cameras in 2014. But neither the mayor's office nor the police department would provide an exact timeline for the body camera testing, KSTP says.

The city is finalizing written policies and the police department is putting the finishing touches on how they will test the body cameras, according to KSTP.

The Burnsville Police Department was first in the state to begin using body cameras. Since then, other police departments have started looking into using them.

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