Report: More homeless kids found in Minnesota's biggest cities

Homelessness is on the rise in the state's largest cities, a report released Tuesday by the Minnesota Housing Partnership says. In the second quarter of this year, Minneapolis, St. Paul and Duluth school districts reported nearly 1,000 newly homeless children, according to the report.
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A new report from the Minnesota Housing Partnership indicates that homelessness is ticking upward, and so are rents.

There's good news for homeowners – home prices are rebounding in the Twin Cities. But the news was worse for the less affluent.

The report says there were more than 9,000 homeless children in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Duluth public school districts combined throughout the school year, with 1,000 of those newly homeless.

And rents in the Twin Cities in the second quarter of this year went up by $17 to an average of $951 per month, MPR notes. The vacancy rate sat at a low 2.7 percent.

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Homelessness is rising in Twin Cities suburbs, officials say. It's more pervasive in Anoka County than in Hennepin County, but harder to detect, the Star Tribune reports. Some suburban homeless adults have steady jobs, but have been hit by foreclosure.

Street homelessness down 40 percent in Hennepin County

A report to the Minneapolis City Council counts 204 people living on the streets as of January this year. That's down from 341 during the same period in 2010. The report on "Heading Home Hennepin," an initiative aimed at ending homelessness in the county by 2016, credits the decline to more outreach workers helping the homeless find access to housing.