Norm Coleman won't challenge Franken


Former Republican Minnesota Sen. Norm Coleman said he has no intention of challenging DFL Sen. Al Franken in 2014, National Journal reports. Coleman lost to Franken in a close race in 2008.

Coleman told the Washington-based publication, "You can't play handball in an open field. At this point there's been no candidate. He's been pretty much invisible. In that sense he hasn't created a lot of enemies. I don't know if that's his strategy, but it's a pretty good strategy if it is.”

Observers note that Franken, a former comedian and "Saturday Night Live" alum, has indeed led a relatively low-profile first term in the Senate.

Coleman apologized Wednesday for not tweeting the news himself:

The Washington Post on Wednesday also examined who might be mulling a campaign against Franken: Reps. Erik Paulsen, John Kline and Michele Bachmann.

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