Report: Officials dropped psychiatric patient on Minneapolis corner


The Star Tribune has an exclusive story about a 23-year-old psychiatric patient with a history of violence and sex offenses who officials released by mistake from the Minnesota Security Hospital in St. Peter and then mistakenly dropped at the wrong shelter.

Raymond Traylor was "on the streets of Minneapolis because someone did not do their job,” the county attorney’s office said in a statement Monday to the newspaper.

State officials acknowledged that Traylor’s release was mismanaged, but they stressed that Traylor is not dangerous and that his violent behavior is under control due to court-ordered treatment, the Star Tribune reports.

It was another troubling chapter for the state's largest psychiatric facility. The Star Tribune also reported last month about a "rogue investigation" of the medical director at the Minnesota Security Hospital. And in yet another report last month, a judge alleged that a psychiatrist and the hospital’s medical director launched a coverup to hide medical protocol violations, the Star Tribune reported.

Problems at the facility prompted an audit last year, which ultimately found the facility has an inadequate number of licensed psychiatrists, and assaults against staff have doubled, KSTP reported.

The audit also found that the hospital has had erratic leadership changes and that it lacks a clear mission.

State licensing investigators earlier this summer ultimately did not to cite the facility for maltreatment for allowing a delusional patient who stabbed two people in the face with pencils to keep them in his room, MPR reported. Last year, the patient had attacked a roommate, who needed emergency surgery to remove pencil from his nose, MPR reported.

Injuries at the facility spiked last year from the previous year, MPR reported in another story.

The facility has nearly 400 patients and a budget of about $67 million.

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