Reports: Disgraced former House Speaker to serve sentence in Minnesota


Dennis Hastert, the disgraced former House Speaker who was sentenced to 15 months for covering up sex crimes, will service his prison time in Minnesota.

Media outlets in Chicago are reporting that Hastert, who was one second in line for the presidency, will serve his sentence at FMC Rochester.

WGN-TV reports that the 74-year-old is in declining health, and a blood infection that nearly killed him last year was a factor in the length of his sentence.

Being in Rochester will put him close to the Mayo Clinic should he require medical attention, according to the TV station.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports Hastert will report to prison on Wednesday to start his 15-month sentence.

It comes after he was branded a "serial child molester" by a judge in April, with Hastert admitting he sexually abused students at Yorkville High School in Illinois, and then withdrew $952,000 from his bank accounts to cover it up.

According to the Chicago Tribune, FMC Rochester is the closest medical prison facility of its kind to Chicago – about 350 miles away.

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