Reports: Intruder arrested after scaling White House fence

President Trump was there at the time.

A man has been arrested after scaling a fence at the White House, multiple sources report.

According to CNN, it happened Friday just before midnight. President Donald Trump was there at the time.

The suspect was carrying a backpack and was stopped by the south entrance to the residence, CNN says.

White House officials tell NBC News the Secret Service spoke with the man. He claimed to have an appointment with the president, but officials say no such appointment was scheduled.

The officers went on to search the man's backpack, but nothing dangerous was in it.

In a Fox News video, President Trump commends the Secret Service saying, they "did a fantastic job."

Trump added that the suspect, "was a troubled person."

Over the years, there have been several instances of people trying to scale the fence or break into the White House.

Last year, a man jumped the fence while being chased by people who apparently saw him commit a robbery. In 2015, a man scaled the fence on Thanksgiving while wearing in an American flag.

And in 2014, a man named Omar Gonzalez climbed over the fence and made his way into the White House with a knife.

KARE 11 has a list of more intruders here.

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