Reports: MN man shot in Chicago by Amtrak police has died

He had and hour layover on his way back to Minneapolis.

A Minneapolis man who was shot by police in Chicago last week has died, several sources are reporting.

Last Wednesday, 25-year-old Chad Robertson made a stop in Chicago while traveling back to Minneapolis.

While there still aren't a lot of details, an encounter with Amtrak police ended with Robertson being shot in the back. He was taken to a hospital in Chicago.

An attorney there, Douglas Hopson, told the Star Tribune Robertson died Wednesday evening – one week after being shot.

Mel Reeves, an activist in Minneapolis, posted to Facebook Wednesday that family members told him Robertson had passed away. Reeves says he'll post another update when he has more information.

What happened?

There still isn't a lot of information about what happened last Wednesday, but here's what's been reported.

Robertson – a father of two – had been at a family funeral in Tennessee and was on his way back to Minneapolis. He and his friends had an hour layover in Chicago.

At this point, we're not sure why but Amtrak police approached the group and told them to leave.

“What happened next is disputed,” a Facebook post said, but the night apparently ended with Robertson being shot in the back.

The Chicago Police Department told the Chicago Tribune that police found drugs but no weapon on the wounded man.

The officers involved are on administrative leave and officials are investigating what happened, FOX 9 says.

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