Reports: 'Nerf wars' caused the New Hope crash that injured 2


A game of "Nerf wars" could be what caused a crash, injuring two people Monday night.

Nerf wars is a game played with Nerf guns. People rack up points by shooting each other with the rubber bullets.

New Hope police tell KSTP the crashed happened around 9 p.m. near 46th Avenue North and Winnetka Avenue – a couple blocks from Cooper High School.

An initial investigation indicates that at least 12 teams of students from Armstrong Senior High were playing, Captain Scott Slawson tells KARE 11.

Two cars had been speeding down 46th Avenue North when one spun out of control and crashed into another vehicle, according to the station.

Another car hit an electric pole, officials say.

Two people had been taken to North Memorial Hospital with injuries that are not life-threatening, FOX 9 says. Their identities and which vehicle they had been in has not been released.

The incident is under investigation.

Dangers of 'Nerf Wars'

"Nerf wars" in and of itself isn't bad. It's when students take the game into motorized vehicles where things can get dangerous or even deadly.

Last year, two Lakeville teenagers who'd been playing the game died in a car crash.

Since, police have been putting out warnings, asking parents to talk to their kids about the dangers of the game.

The Grand Rapids Police Department put out a notice, saying the game often leads to distracted driving and disobeying traffic laws.

The Itasca County Attorney posted the information to Facebook as a warning to the public.

And following Monday's crash, Hermantown Police Department went to Facebook to ask parents to "please talk to your kids about the dangers of mixing this game with vehicles."

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