Reports: Nerve damage to knee may end Shariff Floyd's career

There's some more news on Sharrif Floyd's knee injury and it doesn't sound good.

Last week Sharrif Floyd sent out a post on Instagram that got a lot of people talking and now it appears that we may have a reason why.

Multiple reports Thursday indicate that Floyd's career may be in jeopardy after a knee surgery the former first-round draft pick had last fall.

USA Today reports that people with knowledge of the situation tell them the nerve that controls Floyd's quadriceps was disrupted during surgery in September to clean up the meniscus in his right knee, and that six months later the muscle still isn't firing.

Floyd is under contract with the Vikings for 2017 under his fifth-year option, which the Vikings extended to him last May.

Leg injuries have hampered Floyd over the past three seasons. The Star Tribune notes that he's missed 20 games over that stretch and he's had at least two other knee operations.

Floyd's agent, Brian Mackler, has not commented on the specifics of Floyd's injury, but he said that Sharrif is rehabbing and has seen some of the best doctors in the country.

However, Floyd's own words on Instagram earlier this week sounded ominous.

My ???????? to the big guy #upabove we've been on this train ???? for so long, you have blessed me in more why's then I could've possibly imagine. For that I I'm truly thankful. You've been there when there was no one around, you've held me together when I thought I was at my edge, you've aloud me to play a game that kids dream about to this day. For that I continue to place my hands together ???????? I come to you tonight that same kid in 2006, not moved by greed, not moved by negativity, not moved in bad behavior. I'm down on one knee praying my road doesn't end here.... there are so many more lives to touch, so much more joy to spread. You've believed in me for to long to turn your back on me now. Don't let me go out this way. All I ask is for a fighting chance... this game means so much to me and the foundation is still being laid one stone ???? at a time. I'm hurting and I don't know how to say it aloud, I am truly humbled in your grace. Grant me one last run, I promise I'll lay my soul on the line. #humbleandhungry #215raisedme #begreat73 #savagelife #unlockthecage #notdoneyet #cametofartogiveup #watchmework #pleasedoubtme #level40training

A post shared by sharrif floyd (@humble_hungry_73) on Mar 23, 2017 at 9:51pm PDT

We will keep you updated.

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