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Reports: President Trump's open to letting law-abiding undocumented immigrants stay

But he's still not up for granting citizenship.

The New York Times is reporting President Donald Trump may be making a significant change in his immigration policy.

Apparently Trump told reporters Tuesday that he's open to reform that would grant legal status to millions of undocumented immigrants – as long as they haven't committed any serious crimes.

According to the Times' inside sources, the president said “The time is right for an immigration bill as long as there is compromise on both sides.”

It wouldn't be a complete change in stance, though. CNN explains the bill wouldn't quite grant citizenship to the immigrants. However, it would allow undocumented immigrants to live, work and pay taxes in the U.S. without having to worry about deportation.

The network adds that it's possible "Dreamers" (those brought into the U.S. illegally as children) could be granted a simpler path towards citizenship.

Wait ... what about that wall?

Immigration has been a hot topic throughout Trump's campaign and his first month as president.

He's always said something needs to be done about immigration in America. But up until now, the message was more about deporting immigrants who came here illegally and securing the borders.

In January, Trump signed an executive order restricting travel and banning refugees. That order was blocked by courts while they figure out whether or not it's constitutional.

Then there were reports the Trump administration would work on issuing new immigration and travel rules.

The Trump administration has made major changes in how federal immigration officials enforce the law. It's also made changes to how sanctuary cities are treated, expanded an expedited removal program, and ended catch-and-release practices.

Even so, the idea that Trump's considering options other than deportation isn't completely new.

The Hill had previously reported Trump told a group of bipartisan lawmakers that he was open to an immigration compromise similar to the "Gang of Eight" proposal that faltered in 2013. His press secretary later said Trump is against that specific bill, though he would be willing to listen to other proposals.

The "Gang of Eight" legislation would have offered illegal immigrants a path to citizenship, while border control got beefed up significantly.

And technically, Trump would still be sticking to some of his campaign promises with this possible bill.

In September he promised no amnesty (basically a pardon) for undocumented immigrants in the U.S., CNN reported. He also promised no path to legal status for those in the country illegally.

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