Reports: Target is about to start price matching 29 of its online competitors


Target is aggressively wooing customers by expanding its price-matching policy to include more than two dozen online stores, according to reports.

CNBC says on Oct. 1, the Minneapolis-based retailer will start matching competitor prices from 29 different online shops, including and

Basically, if you see a lower price on any of those 29 websites, it will be matched in-store at Target, or online at

The Star Tribune has a full list of the 29 retailers.

Target hadn't mentioned the new policy on its website as of early Wednesday.

The old price-matching policy, which you can still see here, included just five online competitors' stores –,,,,

According to Fortune, It will be the first time Target allows price-matching for people buying items on, and gives shoppers a 14-day window to price match (so if you buy something from Target and see it cheaper from Wal-Mart 10 days later, Target will make up the difference). Shoppers used to have just seven days, and it was only applicable to in-store purchases, Fortune says.

It's also the first time Target will match prices for membership wholesale sores Costco and Sam's Club.

Wal-Mart's price-matching

The move, Fortune writes, shows how "intense" Target expects the holiday season to be as it competes for business with Wal-Mart.

The Retail Gazette suggests Target's move could be the start of a "price war."

Wal-Mart's current price-match policy involves any identical, in-stock item from an online retailer, but includes 30 websites.

Expect more jostling from Target, Wal-Mart and other big retail and online players as we inch closer to the holidays.

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