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Reports: Terrance Franklin's DNA found on cop's gun, sources say


Sources told the Star Tribune and WCCO that Terrance Franklin's DNA was found on the trigger of a police officer's submachine gun used during a struggle in an Uptown basement that eventually lead to Franklins death in May.

Twenty-two-year-old Franklin, a burglary suspect, fled a traffic stop and broke into a house in Uptown on May 10, where he struggled with SWAT officers and a police dog.

Franklin was fatally shot and two officers were hit with gunfire, but both survived.

Police have said Franklin attempted to grab an an officer's gun, but Franklin's family has disputed the police account.

Michael Padden, an attorney representing Franklin's family, says he's not surprised that Franklin's DNA was found on the gun.

"It’s our contention the DNA was planted. The DNA being on the gun fits exactly into our theory of the case,” Padden told the Star Tribune.

Authorities have released very little information on the investigation since the incident occurred more than three months ago. Community members have held several rallies calling for an independent investigation.

The group "Justice for Terrance Franklin" is holding a rally Saturday at the Hennepin County Government Center.

Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman says the case will be handed off to a grand jury in mid-September, FOX 9 reports.

In a statement Friday, Freeman said "once the grand jury makes its decision, either by indicting someone or by issuing a no-bill, more information will become public from the appropriate agencies."

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