Rescued dog undergoes surgery to correct heart-shaped paws


A rescued puppy is recovering after undergoing surgery to correct his deformed front paws, which prevented him from walking normally.

Ruff Start Rescue took Cupid in on Valentine's Day after he was found in a ditch in central Minnesota. He had surgery at the University of Minnesota last week to correct his bowed out paws, which made a heart shape when he was lying down, WCCO reports.

Veterinarians removed a small piece of bone which they say will allow him to heal properly. It also allowed veterinarians to rotate Cupid's feet to put them in a more normal position, the U of M says.

Post by University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center.

Ruff Start Rescue raised thousands of dollars to pay for Cupid's surgery, but the University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center covered the majority of the surgery bills, so the donations will be passed on to help other pets in need of medical attention at Ruff Start Rescue, WCCO says.

Cupid will be wearing splints for a few more weeks and he'll undergo therapy before going to a permanent home, WCCO says. He is currently living at a foster home.

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