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Rescued horses up for adoption in southeastern Wisconsin


Two months after they were discovered in "deplorable" condition, 23 horses in Kenosha County, Wis., are up for adoption.

The Kenosha News reports that more than a dozen volunteers have helped nurse the horses back to health at Stonehedge Farm, "and the horses there went from skin-and-bones to glossy coats."

The paper says a court decision last week allowed the village of Pleasant Prairie to start the adoption process, when Paula Moctezuma-White and her husband, David White, relinquished ownership of the animals. The animals were found in April at Hidden Lake Stables.

The Associated Press says owners have pleaded not guilty to animal mistreatment. Prosecutors say the carcasses of 55 horses, 12 goats and two cows were found on their farm.

Rescuers say there was no water or hay — many of the horses stood starving when they were found, according to Fox 6 News in Milwaukee.

The animals up for adoption include 23 horses, 20 ducks, seven sheep, a bull and a peacock.

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