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Responsible texter rescues woman after she hits him head-on


The Star Tribune has a rare story about a driver who actually pulled over to send a text. For his responsible deed, the 25-year-old was hit by another driver who struck his vehicle head-on. He then rescued her from a fiery fate, the newspaper reports.

David Jensen late Sunday night had pulled his SUV over and put his flashers on to text his girlfriend on a dark stretch of Highway 11 north of Grand Forks, when a 49-year-old woman, of Fisher, Minn., veered across a lane and slammed into his vehicle, the newspaper reports.

Jensen remarkably suffered relatively minor injuries, but with bloodied face and arms hurt by his airbag, he got out and then pulled the unconscious woman from her burning vehicle, the newspaper reports. It was fully engulfed by the time emergency crews arrived.

The woman remained at a Grand Forks hospital Monday morning, according to a state patrol report, but her injuries were not considered life-threatening, according to the Grand Forks Herald. She has been cited for driving under the influence, the newspaper reports.

Jensen – unlike many drivers – had been following Minnesota law, which says it is illegal for drivers to read/compose/send text messages and emails, or access the Internet using a wireless device while the vehicle is in motion or a part of traffic, the Minnesota Office of Traffic Safety says.

Each year in Minnesota, distracted or inattentive driving is a factor in one in four crashes, resulting in at least 70 deaths and 350 serious injuries, the state says.

Minnesota had 104 drunken driving-related fatalities last year, which accounted for 26 percent of Minnesota’s total 395 traffic fatalities.

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