Restaurant apologizes after huge steaks cause delays on Valentine's Day

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Hell's Kitchen lived up to its name for diners and staff on Valentine's Day, after an experiment with a special, "swoon-worthy" steak went awry.

The famous restaurant was offering the highly sought-after Tomahawk steak "for one night only" to diners who'd booked a romantic, candlelit dinner on Sunday.

But unfortunately for the downtown Minneapolis hotspot, the Tomahawk steak – so named for its resemblance to the axe – takes considerably longer to cook than other steaks.

In a Facebook post called "Tomahawk Steaks ... NEVER again," the restaurant explained that because they require a lengthy resting time to get the best flavor, meals took longer to arrive, creating a knock-on effect that saw reservations and wait times back up.

"Several other issues compounded the problem to the extent that guests were seated extremely late, our tickets times exceeded our worst nightmares, and even though we prepped huge amounts of food, we were shocked to still run out of the most popular menu items," the post said.

"In all our decades of taking care of customers, we've n-e-v-e-r seen anything like it."

It didn't help that Sunday was the busiest day in the restaurant's history, and the eatery issued a frank apology not only to customers whose Valentine's Day didn't go as perfectly as they had hoped – but also to the staff who were taken by surprise by the unexpected delays.

Here's the apology:

What's a Tomahawk steak?

According to Great British Meat, the Tomahawk steak is on-the-bone rib steak, cut from the fore-rib with the entire rib bone left. The long bone is then french-trimmed, giving it its distinctive, axe-like handle.

Normally coming in at around 2 inches thick and weighing approximately 2.6 pounds, the website says they are usually oven-roasted for 15 minutes or grilled on a barbecue, but because of its size it needs to be rested for 10-15 minutes after cooking.

This "allows the heat from the bone to redistribute across the meat," the website says, "giving a lovely succulent juicy steak."

My Chicago Steak says the Tomahawks boast "a mellow taste" along with "abundant marbling" and a "rich flavor," adding they are limited in quantity and are a treat for even "the most discriminating steak connoisseur."

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