This restaurant has the best sandwich in Minnesota

Yep, that's a walleye sandwich.

Fried fish between two slices of bread? You've got our attention.

Mental Floss put out a list of the best sandwich from every state, and named the fried walleye sandwich from Tavern on Grand in St. Paul the best in Minnesota.

In its description, the publication says: "Since the walleye is Minnesota's state fish, locals have had plenty of practice figuring out the best ways of preparing it. If fried and served between bread slices is your choice, Tavern on Grand is reputed to be the best place to dig in."

And according to Tavern on Grand's website, it serves more walleye than any other restaurant anywhere. You can also get the walleye sandwich blackened or grilled, if you aren't a fan of fried.

The sandwich, which is on Ciabatta loaf, also comes with your choice of tartar sauce, jalapeño tartar, or handmade bernaise.

How they made the list

Mental Floss came up with this list because people have been trying to perfect the sandwich since it was first invented back in the 18th Century – apparently by John Montagu the fourth Earl of Sandwich's cook, when Montagu wanted something he could eat without ending his gambling streak.

So the publication looked at customer and professional reviews from each state to come up with its list of 50 sandwiches worth traveling for.

As for the best sandwiches from our neighbors, a grilled cheese from Alchemy in Madison was named the best in Wisconsin. If loose meat is your thing (apparently it's like a sloppy joe without the sauce?), you should head to Canteen Lunch in the Alley in Ottumwa, Iowa, Mental Floss says.

A sloppy joe from The Fabulous Kegs Drive In is the best sandwich in North Dakota, while a pheasant salad sandwich from Pheasant Restaurant and Lounge is South Dakota's best offering.

You can see the whole list here.

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