Restaurant meal delivery is getting Uber competitive in the Twin Cities

Uber is the newest to join the field of companies that want to deliver meals to your door.

The menu of delivery services ready to bring a restaurant meal to Twin Cities homes is getting longer. And the newest addition is another heavy hitter in the delivery business: Uber.

The company best known for providing rides launched its UberEATS service in the Twin Cities area Thursday.

UberEATS uses a separate app from the ride sharing service. You can download it or order from their website.

Uber says they've partnered with more than 100 Twin Cities restaurants. When you order you'll see a price that includes both food and delivery. Just like the rides, it'll be billed to your Uber account, they say no tip is needed, and you can track your order while it's en route.

Uber's delivery price varies with demand

UberEATS is growing quickly. In the past week it's rolled out in New Orleans and Orlando. Since late summer, the service has also been spreading in Europe, Asia, and Mexico, Reuters reports. Uber says it's now in 43 cities around the world.

There's no mention of surge pricing, but Uber did explain last week that customers will pay more when they order from restaurants in areas where the demand for delivery outpaces the supply of Uber drivers.

Restaurants where that extra fee applies are marked with an arrow below their name on the app. Uber says they'll use money from the fee to offer incentives for more drivers in those popular areas.

Choices in the market

Uber's existing fleet of drivers and its deep pockets make it a serious player in the meal delivery business.

But just a few months ago an even bigger name entered the field when Amazon Restaurants reached Minneapolis. Their delivery is free to those who've paid $99 to subscribe to Amazon Prime. The Business Journal noted that Amazon started its Minneapolis service with delivery to only selected neighborhoods.

Even before Amazon and Uber arrived, the competition was heating up. The website Minneapolis Happening noted last year that in addition to the locally-founded company Bite Squad, which started in 2012, Postmates and DoorDash are also delivering from restaurants to homes.

Another service, Caviar, began delivering in Minneapolis last year but is no longer active in the area.

And if you prefer to fix your own meals, you can now have groceries delivered by Google Express as well as Instacart, Cub Foods, or Target.

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