This restaurant was so popular ... it had to close

The St. Paul spot was only open a week but realized they'd underestimated the demand and needed more staff.

They had a really good opening week at the new vegan restaurant in St. Paul. So good, in fact, that they've now closed.

It's temporary, though.

Owners of J. Selby's have been explaining on social media that they underestimated customer demand and are retooling by bringing in more staff and supplies.

As they put it on Facebook: "...our opening week has left us at a place where we are unable to provide you all, our customers, with the service, the food, and the experience you deserve." Another post says "We underestimated the demand and we are hiring additional staff to better accommodate those who come to eat with us."

A p.s. to one post advised readers that the restaurant has job openings for kitchen help, line cooks, front of house, and dishwashers.

That was nearly a week ago, but there's still no word on when they'll open their doors to diners again.

They've been getting more support than complaints, though, judging from the Facebook comments. One example: "I am so sorry the wonderfulness of your new venture has been coupled with feeling so overwhelmed. I know you'll find your rhythm. Every bite was worth the hour's wait last Monday!"

The dining room may be closed but J. Selby's, which is on Selby Avenue, did feed people this week. They organized a cookout Wednesday in an empty lot across the street from the restaurant.

They provided the patties but it was BYOB – bring your own bun.

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