Reunited: ND family's dog missing for 2 months found 200 miles away in Minnesota

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A family is reunited with their beloved family pet thanks to a little help from social media.

Bentley, a 2-year-old German shepherd, went missing Oct. 9 while he was being dog-sat in Dawson, North Dakota. Nearly two months later, owner Cindi Leach got a phone call – a man 200 miles away in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, had found a dog that looked like Bentley near his home, according to posts on the Bentley missing dog Facebook page.

“I never believed in miracles until now,” Cindi Leach told the Bismarck Tribune.

In the days and weeks after Bentley went missing, Leach didn't give up hope. She hung fliers throughout the area and created a Facebook page, which has nearly 1,000 likes from people across the nation, KX News reports.

Then she got a call on Nov. 30 from a woman whose friend saw a Facebook post by a woman in Minnesota who knew Bryan Deike, the man who'd found Bentley, the Bismarck Tribune says.

Bentley was in rough shape. He'd collapsed in Deike's yard and he thought the dog was dead, but he nursed him back to health, picking hundreds of ticks off him and helping him stand to go to the bathroom, Leach told KX News.

On Friday, Leach's husband drove to Detroit Lakes to bring Bentley home.

“He laid his head on my lap and just sighed. I bawled like a baby,” Leach told the Bismarck Tribune. Bentley is also Leach's therapy dog.

They're happy to have him home, but Bentley has a lot of recovering to do. He's skittish and scared after his long journey and gets nervous when left alone, reports note. He's also lost body weight, his paws are raw and he needs to be on medication to clear up some intestinal problems, pneumonia and a severe ear infection, but he's expected to be himself again in a few weeks, according to a Facebook post.

Now to say thank you to Deike for caring for Bentley and to help pay the dog's medical bills, the family has started a fundraising campaign through Leach also plans to keep the Bentley Facebook page up and running to help others find their missing pets.

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