Richfield personal trainer who just learned CPR saves man at gym


A personal trainer is being hailed as a hero after the CPR training he just learned helped save a Twin Cities man who suffered a serious heart attack at a gym, FOX 9 reports.

Chris Ransom, who works as a personal trainer at L.A. Fitness in Richfield, helped save 55-year-old Bill Richardson at the facility in early October.

Richardson was in training to run his 22nd Twin Cities Marathon when Ransom found him face down on the floor. Ransom flipped the man over, saw that his face was purple and started performing chest compressions on him until paramedics arrived.

Ransom says he only learned the life-saving procedure at his workplace a few weeks before, and told FOX 9 that others should learn to do the same.

"I'm just thankful that I had the opportunity that was given to me to learn the basics of saving someone's life," he said.

Earlier this month, an Anoka County man was honored for saving a fellow employee with CPR at McCarthy Auto World in Coon Rapids, ABC Newspapers reports.

Josh Gagner performed CPR on Tim Hoffman after Hoffman went into cardiac arrest on the job Oct. 3.

Do you know CPR? Here are the five basic steps, from the American Red Cross.

The Mayo Clinic lists the basics of CPR for untrained people and trained people not 100 percent sure of their skills.

In June, the American Heart Association donated $6.5 million to the Mission: Lifeline Minnesota program, which is designed to improve heart attack care in rural Minnesota.

The program provides rural hospitals and emergency crews with equipment and training to make a faster diagnosis of heart attacks caused by blocked arteries


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