Robbery suspect caught on live TV faces federal charges

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The suspected bank robber captured by a TV camera shortly after he's said to have carried out a heist has been charged in federal court.

Ryan Russell Liskow, 36, is accused of robbing the Sterling State Bank two days in a row, on Dec. 14 and 15. On the second occasion, a bank worker spotted and chased him while KIMT reporter Adam Sallett did a live broadcast outside.

"Oh that’s the robber! This is live TV folks that’s the robber just went by, according to the bank employee," Sallett said on air, with KIMT also having footage it did not broadcast of Liskow walking into the bank and jogging out a short time later.

The Rochester Post Bulletin reports Liskow was indicted last week and charged with two counts of bank robbery. He is accused of giving a handwritten note to a teller demanding $5,000 in cash (and getting $3,000 from her) with the note mentioning a gun and a knife.

The Star Tribune reports Liskow "burned" through the $3,000 on Dec. 14, and returned the next day demanding another $10,000. The teller handed over more than $1,500 before Liskow's exit was captured on camera.

He's accused of fleeing in a stolen van on northbound Highway 52, the newspaper notes, later getting stopped the same day by police near Coates, Minnesota, with $2,400 found on him.

The Post Bulletin notes Liskow was on federal probation for a bank robbery he committed in Minneapolis in December 2009 and had been recently released from prison.

According to the FBI, Liskow – then of Jordan – robbed the Franklin Bank on Blaisdell Ave. S. after handing a note to a teller saying: "I don't want to hurt anyone. Count out $2,000 into my hand. No dye pack or you'll get hurt. Merry Christmas and New Years."

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