Robbinsdale mayor gives $10K salary back to city

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Saying he'd rather see the money go to "a tangible project that would make Robbinsdale a better place," Robbinsdale's first-term mayor is returning his $10,000 annual salary to the city, the Star Tribune reports.

Mayor Regan Murphy, who lives with his family two blocks from where he grew up in Robbinsdale, told the paper that he didn't run for mayor "for the money."

Instead, Murphy is giving the money back to help the city build its first park pavilion. Currently, the city's 108-year-old band – one of the oldest bands in Minnesota – performs on a deteriorating stage rolled out of a semi-trailer truck, the paper says.

Murphy, 38, also says he plans on donating $800 to the city to help start a half-marathon event.

The mayor told the Star Tribune that the donation of his salary this year isn't a one-time deal.

"I'll probably come up with something fun next year," he said.

Murphy works six hours a week as the city's mayor. He was elected in 2012, becoming Robbinsdale's first new mayor in 16 years.

Murphy isn't the first high-profile mayor in Minnesota to donate all or part of his salary in the past year.

In November, Duluth Mayor Don Ness turned down a pay increase of nearly $20,000, which would have raised his annual salary from $78,000 a year to $97,500, the Duluth News Tribune reported.

Instead, the second-term mayor requested the money be allocated to the city's general fund.

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