Rochester in top 5 best places to grow old

In a new "Best Cities for Successful Aging" ranking by the Milken Institute, Rochester lands at No. 5 among small metro areas. Among large metros: Minneapolis-St. Paul was No. 21, Madison, Wis., is No. 2 (after Provo, Utah) and Des Moines is No. 6.

The presence of the Mayo Clinic helped land Rochester as the No. 5 best small metro area to grow old, according to a new "Best Cities for Successful Aging" by the Milken Institute.

Among large metros: the Twin Cities was No. 21.

Here's the slideshow, with specific rankings for various categories.

The study reveals that 90 percent of Americans do not plan to move as they grow old. It is the first report of its kind to closely examine how well cities are prepared to meet the needs of fast-growing aging populations, according to Paul Irving, Milken chief operating officer.

A two-minute overview of the study:

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