Rock legend Alice Cooper loves the frozen pants craze in Minneapolis

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It's been about 10 days since the frozen pants phenomenon sweeping northeast Minneapolis attracted international attention – and now it's caught the eye of a rock legend.

Alice Cooper came across a story about how Tom Grotting inspired a craze by placing frozen pairs of jeans in standing positions around his northeast neighborhood and outside his office in downtown Minneapolis.

And he's clearly a fan, posting a link to one story on his Facebook page on Friday, and saying: "Comedic genius. This guy is doing what he can to make the most of a brutal winter. I love that his neighborhood is diving in a creating a tradition with this."

With more than 3.7 million fans of his Facebook page, the "Poison" singer is succeeding in bringing frozen pants to an even greater audience.

We wrote last week that Grotting's amusing sculptures had sparked copycats not just elsewhere in the Twin Cities, but also in Canada, Germany and Russia.

After noticing Cooper's praise, Grotting wrote on his own Facebook page: "I figured that #frozenpants would eventually find it's way to Alice Cooper."

People on the "I Love NE Minneapolis" page – where pictures of the pants were first shared – were also pretty impressed.

"To the people that are tired of the rest of the world it's hilarious, ingenious and just frigging awesome," one commenter said.

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