Montevideo militia member sentenced for weapons, not terrorism charges


A militia member from Montevideo has been sentenced for weapons charges.

25-year-old Buford Braden Rogers was sentenced to 40 months in prison Monday on one count of illegally possessing a firearm and one count of possessing homemade bombs.

Rogers was arrested after a raid at his home near Montevideo last May where FBI agents recovered the firearm and homemade bombs, including Molotov cocktails, a pipe bomb and nail bombs. MPR News reports Rogers was banned from possessing the weapons due to a 2011 conviction for burglary.

Rogers will receive credit for the time he has already served since his arrest last May.

FBI officials at the time said they believed they had disrupted a terrorist attack, but Rogers was never indicted on terrorism charges.

The Star Tribune reports the FBI later revealed their information on Rogers came from a single tipster who left his "Black Snake Militia." The witness had told federal investigators that Rogers was planning to attack a local police station, take out a communications tower and raid the National Guard armory in Montevideo.

Authorities said they rushed to arrest Rogers on a Friday, to get him off the streets before an attack they believed was planned for that weekend, by the group.

“We just wanted to get enough to get an arrest warrant to put him away before the weekend,” Jeanne Cooney told ABC at the time

Rogers' attorney, Andrew Mohring, claimed that authorities exaggerated their claims about Rogers following the Boston Marathon bombing. He argued that Rogers only be sentenced to two years in prison.

In imposing the sentence, U.S. District Court Judge Ann Montgomery, set a sentence in between the terms recommended by the prosecution and the defense. She said it was important to deliver a message to Rogers to stay away from guns.

"You really have to make a change," Montgomery said. "I hope we've got your attention now."

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